Person’s endurance is different. Many people who do not experience severe pain after being attacked by various things that should be able to make their physical condition decreased. However, many people who experience a disease when it has just experienced a condition that is not too bad. To maintain endurance, a person usually consumes herbal medicine. Visit the website daya tahan tubuh to get the best herbal medicine you need.

However, as someone who experiences various activities and things that can sometimes make the immune system decreased, some of these tips you can do to keep your immune system.

1. No Stress
You must always think positively of everything you go through. Negative thinking just aka makes you feel stress and force the body to release more energy and cause you to get sick easily.

2. Exercising
Exercise will release a lot of sweat from the body. This will make your body stronger and healthier. The blood circulation will also become smoother and the mood will feel more pleasant.