Technology is becoming more sophisticated, indeed. It used to be difficult to send news, only through a letter. Who would have thought the internet and mobile phones can replace the letter. Capturing stories through images can only be translated in paintings in the past. But now the camera can do it in seconds. There are also some opinions saying life in modern times is very different from the past. Both in terms of lifestyle, support devices, and facilities. Is that right? It seems humans need to glance a bit back and make a comparison between technology in the past with the modern. The result will make you quite amazed, especially about the film which is 1980, many people who work in the world of films using roll film and then not mean in modern times, they can not see the 1980 movie again, just now with the services that sophisticated like converting movies with our convert super 8 to digital then you can get the result you can want.

Kodak still retained the role of the film for several years but only in 1959 and 1963, Kodak replace the design and then the camera began to capture images in 1980. The presence of cameras with color films makes color photography popular but only those films that have professional nature just use the new ones. The filmmakers are still wearing black and white films and the appearance of the filmmakers with the color of new impression and the work that leads them to new habits.