A motor engine has an important role in generating power to make our motor go normally. The importance of a machine can be considered a life and an organ that is very important, just the same as human organs. A machine needs blood whose name is engine oil. Engine oil itself serves to protect the components on the machine so as not to quickly thirst when rubbing to a minimum, also to optimize the performance of the machine to run smoothly and also as engine coolant. As important as engine oil, then you also have to have special treatment in motor vehicle maintenance in the case of oil change and you should know when it’s time to change the oil. This step is done to save your vehicle, if you want to change your oil with affordable price and excellent service, you can Visit Roxys Prices.

You need to see the oil volume on the machine. This step is done by using a dipstick that becomes the engine oil cover on the motor. If less than normal limits, we either change the oil or we can add if the oil that we check is fairly new. There may be a leakage of engine oil so that the oil volume decreases. In order for your motorcycle engine to last long should the change of oil based on your mileage. At least change the oil every 1.5 months. If the medium distance above 500 km per month then changes the oil every month. In contrast to the mileage as far as 200 km per day, you should change your motor oil every two weeks or every 1200 km. Apart from those two things, the thing related to when to change the oil is to use our feelings while driving, if your motor is not good to ride like the sound of the engine sounds rough, noisy and not powerful and hot fast machine. So this way has become a hint that the oil has to be replaced.