If there are stains that contaminate the beauty of a leather bag and synthetic briefcase for men by Blaxton Bags you, do not rush to wash it. Moreover, to soak it in soapy water. Just use a dry cloth that has been spilled with eucalyptus oil. Scrub the duster on a spot that is stained with a circular motion to prevent the stain from spreading. Special bags made from synthetic can also use a solution of vinegar that is dripped on the dry cloth, as a substitute for eucalyptus oil. Wind-aired bag after use. Avoid storing bags immediately after use. Therefore, the condition of the bag will certainly feel humid because of the influence of air. It could also be due to the effect of sweat on your arm when the bag is carried. Therefore, hang the bags first in the open space before being stored to avoid the risk of mold in your bag.

Without us knowing, the small dirt that stuck to the zipper bag (like pieces of yarn or dust) will make zippers to jam. To avoid this, clean the rails or teeth zippers using a dry brush. Avoid using wet cloth when cleaning zippers, because it will make the zipper easy to rust. Can also use beeswax (bee wax) are sold in supermarkets nearby.