In the Air Conditioner system, there are two types of the thermistor used, namely single and double thermistor. The single model has only one cable attached to the pipe (automatic temperature) aircon service, while the double model there are two automatic wires that one attached to the pipe and the other attached to the evaporator or more we call the cat’s eye. Of both types have the same function, and your AC uses the type of which depends on the brand or manufacturer of the air conditioner. The location of the AC thermistor is all in the indoor unit (AC), to be able to connect to the PCB module he uses a socket. To get the best installation service, you need performance that also has a certification like aircon service.

If you want to change this there, pay attention to the socket shape, look for one that has the same socket to make it easier for you to install. How do we know if this thermistor is broken? We can measure it using the multitester. However, it is quite complicated the process. So, the easiest way is we have to try it directly at the same time too test.