Every marriage must have been planned in advance. Starting from the caterer to the place of the event to suit your liking as you can get in LPC Wedding Venue. In addition, the weather is also something you need to consider because the weather is something you cannot plan, especially when the rainy season. Therefore, by entrusting the best vendors then it will be ascertained that the outdoor wedding you will carry out can run smoothly because the wedding organizer must have thought of everything before your wedding lasts. Apart from that, the following tips for your wedding day to run smoothly despite the worsening weather!

1. Always Prepare a Backup Plan
Do not prepare a wedding without a backup plan, especially if you get married in the rainy season. This is to make it easier for you if the main plan does not go smoothly. Not a few grooms crave to marry outside the room or outdoor. However, you should consider alternate events indoors.

2. Notice Appearance
Every woman wants to be the most beautiful on her wedding day. However, if it rains all day during the wedding day can damage your ‘beauty’. Hence, the appearance of the bride needs to be considered.

If you get married in the rainy season, there is no harm in discussing with a hairdresser to teach your mother or bridesmaid to be able to tidy your hair if it looks messy because of the wind. Besides, do not forget to prepare spare boots when the reception is done outdoors, and most importantly, prepare the umbrella until the event ends.

3. Think about Your Guest
Do not just think of wedding plans for yourself, but also invited guests. The rain that flushed your wedding day can make the guests get wet when getting off their vehicle.

In order for guests to stay comfortable while attending the wedding, arrange the committee to greet them with an umbrella when it rains. For other alternatives, add the street decor to the room with the roof closed so guests do not rain when walking towards your party as well as couples.