Smoking in a room that uses air conditioning, and at that time also the air conditioner is turned on can make AC quickly dirty. So if the AC is dirty can require more electrical power. It can also contaminate the air inhaled buddy. Therefore avoid smoking when the AC is turned on so that my friend can be more efficient for AC power. However, if your AC has become too dirty for you to clean on your own, you can simply visit and hire the best air conditioner experts near you.

Use your AC as needed

The point is turn on the AC if my friend was in the room and the door closed my friend, do not let the air conditioner is left on when my friend is not in the room. Therefore, make sure all the air conditioning, as well as electronic equipment mate, turned off all if you want to travel outside the house.

Well, that’s little tips to use AC to save electricity that you can try. Basically, AC requires high electrical power it at the start only, later if it has been running for several minutes will drop the required power.

Now also many marketed air conditioners that use low-watt technology or inverter, you can read the article about the shortcomings and excess AC inverter if intending to buy the air conditioner.

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