One of the processes of becoming an adult is finding our identity and being comfortable with ourselves. Often when we have taken a decision, we are still confused with the values and what we really want in life. In the end, we grow into ‘adults’ who do not know what motivates us, our strength, passion, and purpose in life. Therefore, we may find it difficult to feel inner satisfaction. Life becomes mere life but does not feel alive. Therefore before it is too late, it would be better if and soon find your true identity. If you have trouble finding it yourself then you can ask for help from a therapist like you can find at Regardless, you can also ask these things to yourself!

1. Who is the person who really can inspire you?
We tend to idolize people because these people have the same or desired qualities but they have overcome the things that limit themselves. Departing from the similarity of this view, try to write down 3 people who really inspire your life, then write down the qualities that the person has. Not just about the success, the treasure, the object, but the character.

2. If there is no limit to what you can have or do in this world, what is it?
What is the ideal life for you? Imagine if you wake up in 5 years from now, what’s your life like? Where do you live? With whom? What’s your house like? Surrounded what? What are you doing? What do you do? How did you bring change? What did you do that day? Can you imagine it in great detail to answer this question?