An IELTS test is required for the purpose of enrolling in a foreign school. However, many people have a bad idea about this test. In fact, this test is just as difficult as other English proficiency tests. The difficulty level of this test is very relative; if your English level is still low, you would think that this test is difficult when it really is not. Therefore, before deciding to perform the test, it would be better if you practice first in a trusted course that you can get at Apart from that, here are some myths and facts about IELTS that you should know!

My value will decrease a lot if not speak according to native speaker accent.
An accent is not very influential in speaking test. Testers will not think about what accent you use. Your grades will depend on your fluency, pronunciation, lexical resource options, and grammatical range. But if you’re used to an American accent, you can use it as long as it sounds clear and does not risk lowering your band score.

I can choose what kind of module I want.
IELTS Module is divided into two namely Academic and General Training. Unfortunately, the type of module you have to take should match your destination abroad. If you will continue your education abroad, then you will inevitably have to take Academic IELTS. Conversely, if your goal is to work abroad, you must take the General Training IELTS.