As the “satellite” of the capital, the basic infrastructure and transport planning of Tangsel must also be linked to its primate city, DKI Jakarta. Unfortunately, the alignment of private vehicles is still very dominant. Until now, Tangsel is also still not intact to have a “brand” or an independent city identity. In fact, the identity should be developed into a city of education, technology city, or city tour. So far, the availability of good infrastructure developed by a number of major developers, as seen in BSD City, Gading Serpong, Bintaro Jaya, or Alam Sutera. Unfortunately, all of that has not been integrated with other areas in Tangsel City. More detailed information can be found at

As the South Tangerang area closest to Jakarta, Ciputat has great potential to be developed by developers. The birth of the law on regional division, indirectly implicated ambivalently for social life – politics, and socio-culture in all regions in Indonesia, including Ciputat Region, South Tangerang. How not, as a result of the thinking of post-reform legislation, this law has actually encouraged and created many advances and changes in various sectors of development in this area of ??3,626 Ha. For example, massive infrastructure development, increased the quality of public services, easy access to necessary information and progress in other sectors of life.