Hair Care

As much as we’d like to, air drying our hair has been a luxury that we can’t easily afford with our fast-paced lifestyle. Hence, blow drying our hair has become the most convenient way to look polished before stepping out of the door. But no matter how convenient it may be, blow drying is known to harm our hair- making it weak and brittle. However, blow drying our hair need not be as harmful as we may think. Proper hair care while blow drying our hair will not only pose less damages to our mane, it can also make blow dried hair last for days.

The most ideal state when blow drying hair is when it has been freshly-washed. All hair care products will go to waste once hair is blow dried without washing it since dirty hair is most prone to damage. Make sure that hair has been dried off from excess water by blotting hair with towel. Before blow drying, proper hair care should be done to protect the hair. Apply hair product on the strands of the hair such as a leave-on conditioner, a good styling mousse, or a hair serum to coat the fine strands. These hair care products will also help in lending volume to hair and keep frizz at bay. Take care of the hair while blow drying by using medium settings and making sure it is more than 6 inches away from the head. Choosing the highest setting might “burn” the hair or will eventually make hair prone to breakage.

When blow drying hair start with the fingers first and then move on to soft brushes and wide toothed combs. This is a good hair care practice since both heat, hard brushes and combs when combined together will produce so much stress on the hair which can cause hair shedding later on, especially when hair is regularly blow dried. During the blow drying process, try bending a little and let the inner sides of the hair to be blow dried to protect the outer hairs from being overdone.

Dressing Up for Any Body Type

Dressing up is one of the best things that any woman or girl can indulge in. And no matter what your body type is, there is no excuse why you shouldn’t enjoy dressing up like a standout girl in the room. Still not convinced? Well, here are the ways on how you can dress-up with confidence and style:

Eliminating Large Facial Pores

Large pores on the face can make any person look tired and ageing, so it’s no wonder many are seeking ways to eliminate or at least minimize the appearance of skin pores. With much oil and dirt on the face, pores are most likely to appear noticeable since these elements can make them look darker. Enlarged pores happen when our face becomes clogged or irritated.

1. Know your form- We are truly fortunate these days on how the new generation of designers and clothing technology students have been very hands-on and technical with how they approach to fashion. Say goodbye to stick-thin clothing that fits only the twiggies of the world. With the new approach in fashion, they help you identify which body type you belong in and what clothes will look good on you.


So the first skin care tip that should be put into mind when trying to eliminate large pores is to make sure that the face is almost free of dirt and oil. Although age and skin type play roles in having large pores, it is more important to know what skin care tips are appropriate in eliminating this type of skin care problem.

2. Flatter and conceal- Any person will agree, no matter how humble he/she is, that there are these distinct parts in their body which deserve a good highlighting. There are also those that no matter how confident they are with their bodies, they still have those little flabs here and there which the world doesn’t need to know. Really good shoulders and arms? Why not highlight those by wearing halter-type tops and applying a little oil on your clavicles and shoulders so when the light catches it, you’re an instant showstopper.


Reducing enlarged pores can be done by sticking to a good skin care routine. These skin care tips which include cleansing-toning-moisturizing are apt ways in eliminating large pores. A good skin care method in cleaning the face aside from the basic cleansing and washing with soap is to perform facial steaming twice a week.

3. Cheat Genetics- This approach is a good way to dress up edgier albeit tricky. The guide here is to identify which part of your body which you might not like can be a hindrance to wearing your most coveted dress or top. That way you can find different means on how to make your flabby tummy look smaller or how to make your arms look longer.


Steaming the face before cleaning it thoroughly will help unclog the pores since warm water opens up the pores. After cleansing, be sure to close the pores using cold water and facial toner. Using a toner after deep cleansing the face would be a proper way to fully minimize large skin pores.

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