Arabic has many advantages over other languages. Both in terms of word richness, a beauty of language, and other uniqueness. It is one thing to be grateful for, Allah chose Arabic to be the language of the identity of a Muslim. By understanding Arabic, then in the reality, we are reinforcing our identity as a Muslim. The books of scholars’ also many who are using the Arabic language. So, by understanding Arabic, it will make it easier for us to understand Islam more deeply

Make It Easy for You to Understand and Comprehend Readings of Dhikr & Prayer

At the age we are today, of course, there are many prayers in the Arabic language that we have memorized. We are also very familiar with the readings in the prayer which of course also uses Arabic. Hanyasaja if asked, we understand the meaning of dhikr and reading that we read, then not a few who will answer no. Well, if we understand Arabic, it would not be difficult for us to understand and even perceive the meaning of words in dhikr and reading in the prayer that we read. So the prayer that we read more felt meaningful and qualified.

Adding Self-Value

As noted above, in this era of globalization, the ability to speak foreign languages is very important. The Arabic language is also included. we will have added value if we can master the language other than the language of the nation itself. It will also be very helpful if one day we want to continue education abroad where they’re using the Arabic language. But remember! always keep the intention