Instead of relieving stress because of many thoughts, even vent here and there. It even strengthens your sense of saturation, better find other topics that are more exciting and hilarious. You do not want it, his intention to rest even so close to saturation. Work and tasks that accumulate must be finished, you need to refreshing first so that work can be done comfortably later Do not bother to do something if you are already covered with stress. The job is not going to be you can do comfortably when the head feels heavy. Take the opportunity for sightseeing, just traveling to a tourist attraction close to where you live, can make stress treated. Doing something that is liked will be more comfortable and light than something that is actually hated. Maybe to avoid stress because of a lot of thought because of work, you better do first things that are pleasing. Do your hobbies let me not stress! Once in a while, you can forget your stress by spending time with us at

Stress due to break up, treat with shopping. Somehow shopping can heal all saturate things. A mind that is upset and upset because of a broken girlfriend can bring you in frantic thoughts and stress that harm. Fight your stress with shopping, agree or not by spending some saturating things we can forget for a moment. Gratitude if you immediately forgot the former.