Well, the rise of Haji and Umrah bureau at this time certainly make a lot of consideration. Many people feel hesitant or need to think a lot to choose the right bureau because not infrequently the case of fraud travel bureau and umrah haji. You may consider some of these tips before you even make a decision to contact the service provider at http://www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages.

1. Choose the official Hajj Bureau registered with the Ministry of Religious Affairs

This is very important for you to pay attention. Do not let you be fooled by the Hajj bureau you choose without careful consideration. You need to check the hajj and umrah travel that has been officially registered at the Ministry of Religious Affairs so that the status we can trust.

2. You need to ensure umrah fee package

Here’s the second you need to consider carefully. You must make sure the package cost Hajj and Umroh. You need to consider the costs provided with the facilities provided as well. You must ensure the services provided by the facilities you get, lest you get expensive fees with inadequate facilities. Choose also travel Umroh and Hajj reasonable and not expensive. You can also compare the prices of this Bureau by looking at the website.