In the concept of painting doors and windows or sills, other colors such as yellow, door leaves using dark blue and homes that use the modern minimalist style on the sills usually are often closed with a contrasting color like red or pink. The combination of colors with a concept like this will make the architecture and shape of the building look remain interesting and beautiful. Especially for sills and leaves made of teak or other types that look on the fiber has an interesting texture, better if not using color paint but polite only so that the wood fiber can be added to the attraction of the building because it can create a more natural and natural impression. Discuss your selection of colors with us and we will realize your dream home at

Paint the frame and door and window leaves itself divided into several types. The most commonly used paint today is oil paint. The use of this type of paint makes the wood surface becomes closed all. How to apply it is to use a brush, color choices are aplenty and can be applied in accordance with what has been described, the advantages of this paint is the process of workmanship is not complicated and takes a relatively short time.