The most common questions parents ask are: when is the right time to learn English? Our answer is the earlier the better! What is the reason?
Children under 6 are very sensitive to speech signals. That is, they can imitate and learn accents very easily. This is the reason why learning English from an early age is highly recommended. But if your childhood is not too trained in English, then it does not matter if you learn as a teenager. Currently, there are many recommendations to learn English and even to test English proficiency, one of them in Trinity selt. Apart from that, here are some of the benefits they can gain from learning English early!

Achieve confidence
We know that self-esteem is the key to children’s learning motivation. When children find it difficult to accept lessons, it can lower their self-esteem and their learning spirit.
Learning English early can be one way to prevent them losing confidence. As they enter the world of school, previous English lessons can help them prepare for English classes in the classroom. By appearing superior to the previous learning experience can certainly increase the confidence.

Be creative
Based on case analysis, students who learn English after entering primary school have a tendency to feel worried about saying words than those who learn English at an earlier age.
If so, why not invite your child to “play” with the words in English when they are still free with the rule called “right answer”. This is the best time for them to explore a language and find their own way to understand a particular language.